ezJSON Plugin


Installing the ezJSON plugin

Download and run the ezJSON installation from our website. The ezJSON installation program is digitally signed for your trust..

Once installation is complete open the ezJSON plugin folder and double-click the ezJSON.nbp file to add the ezJSON plugin to your VisualNeoWin installed plugin screen. If you have difficulty doing this, then you can also try the following upgrade instructions.

If you're upgrading, make sure VisualNeoWin is closed, then just copy the new plugin file to the plugin folder. If the file already exists, then overwrite the existing plugin..

Open VisualNeoWin, select Options, install Plug-Ins and make sure the ezJSON plugin is installed and activated in the plugin installation screen.



After the plugin is installed, you can now run the included demos from the installation folder of ezJSON with VisualNeoWin.